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Paragliding tour madagascar

Go for the discovery of this mythical island of the Idian Ocean whose name recalls the exoticism.

Madagascar, also nicknamed " the Red Island ", gives the diversity of an unique nature in the world where we find the feelings of space and freedom. A destination still preserved from tourism of mass. Crossroad between Asia and Africa. Strange, almost spellbinding. Island of the "moramora" where time seems to have sometimes stopped suddenly.

Since many tears now, we go through this island in search of small paradises for your paraglides. That is why every year, from april until the end of November, we propose you 15 days trips in this wonderful country, still unknown by paragliders.

Paragliding Andringitra    paragliding madagascar

1st stage : This tour will bring us first to the ITASY lake (120 km west of Tana) near Ampefy, where we shall spend several days. In this ancient volcanic region, conditions take part in long thefts thanks to good thermas. We shall stay at " l 'auberge chez Jacky" where the restaurant is also like paradise !

Lake Itasy Madagaskar    Paragliding Lake itasy

2nd stage : Then we'll reach Antsirabe, thermal city, the "pousses-pousses" kingdom ! 2nd city of Madagascar but absolutely calm and nice. It is another volcanic area where we can fly in thermas as well as in soaring along a volcano lake.

Paragliding antsirabe    paragliding journey antsirabe

3rd stage : After, we'll drive through the famous Road N°7. We'll make a stop in  Ambositra, well known for it wooden handed workbefore reaching Fianarantsoa. Morning flight along a nice spot just outside the city.

paragliding journey andringitra    paragliding journey madagascar

4th stage : Then we'll go to the Andringitra mountains. Valley in spectacular, unforgettable landscapes, a flat and clear, broad bottom of valley without any electrical line, nor road, facing Tsaranoro cliffs of more than 800 meters. An aerology of mountain in cycles rather established giving one or several parallel window every day, an extraordinarily stable and regular weather forecast, holders for your equipment, passionate and warm-hearted population. Here is what makes of this valley THE flying site of Madagascar.

paragliding tsaranoro    paragliding camp catta    paragliding trip in madagascar mountain

5th stage : We'll stop in the Isalo mountains where we'll let our glides in the rooms to enjoy the great landscapes where it is possible to go for a horse riding tour, a via ferratta or a delicious massage before reaching our last stage of our journey.

Le Jardin du Roy - Paragliding Isalo

6th stage : We will reach the intense blue of the channel of Mozambique which represents the coastal region of Tuléar, and the lagoon of St Augustin, in the south of the island. The sky invariably blue swept by regular winds allow pirogues with outrigger and with the boutres to devote themselves to fishing and transport and for us to fly right on the see before landing on white sand beaches. Soaring in a wonderful place with a unique rotation in the world : the Vezo fichermen pirogue ! We'll stay in bungalows in front of the sunset on the Mozambic channel.

paragliding Saint Augustin  Madagascar    paragliding Soalary

7th stage : Back to Antananarivo in 2 days driving or by plane for those who wish so ( back to Tana by plane, add around 250 € ).

Paragliding tour Saint Augustin Madagascar    Paragliding trip south Madagascar

Good to know...

The stay of 14 days includes: all hotels, all meals, transports (4x4 or adapted vehicle), fuel and bottled water.

Autonomous pilots (take-off and landing) are desired.

Don't forget you radio.

Flying in a foreign country is always an unique and rewarding experience. Landscapes, feelings, human contacts leave unforgettable memories. But many changes as rhythm, food, tiredness make that risks are bigger in each flight than in Europe. It is very important to keep a bigger margin of safety than your habit to avoid an accident, which could become fast dramatic. Then: fly with an easy sail and under your habitual level.

Aerial flights to Madagascar

Air France, Air Madagascar, Corsair run many weekly direct flights between Paris and Antananarivo. Air Mauricius, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Kenya Airways fly through Maurice, Ethiopia, Turkey and Kenya. Air Austral flies from Reunion island.

Ask us for more information about flying to Madagascar.


The touristical visa is simply delivered at the airport of Antananarivo. It is free for a stay lower than 30 days. The length of validity of the passport must absolutely necessary be superior of six months to the length of stay in Madagascar.
Envisage also a copy of the electronic plane ticket because it is necessary to show a proof of exit to the malagasy custom officers.

Before departure

It is recommended to check that your vaccinations are in day. The prevention of the paludism (malaria): parasitical illness transmitted by the injections of mosquitoes imposes appeal on measurements of individual protection (sprays, cream, mosquito net). Ask your doctor for more details.

Don't forget solar cream and sunglasses.


You need an insurance that covers you in Madagascar.

Insurance assistance

Considering lack of hospitals on a good party of the territory, it is careful to subscribe to an international insurance to bring you back home. You have one probably with one of your different insurance contracts Compte tenu du manque d'infrastructures hospitalières sur une bonne partie du territoire, il est prudent de souscrire à une assurance de rapatriement internationale. Vous en possédez probablement une avec l’un de vos différents contrats d’assurance. Check that the practice of air sports is not excluded .



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