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  Sharpened in the trunk of the single tree, the Vezo pirogue with outrigger (" lakam-piarana ") is driven by wind force, or by oar when the wind weakens. It is only fabricated with wood and with rope. No iron, no pulley. That what makes it magical and so far from any modernity.  

The Vezo is the term the semi-nomadic coastal people of southern Madagascar use to refer to people that have become accustomed to live from sea fishing. The Vezo speak a dialect of the Malagasy language. They currently populate most of the littoral zone along Madagascar’s west coast between Toliara and Mahajanga. They do not identify with a particular Malagasy ethnic group but instead with their way of life.

You will observe, during a tour in the lagoon, these nonstandard people as well as their unique wooden made pirogue.

For spearfishing lovers, you can go fishing by Vezo pirogue and live for a day at the rhythm of these amazing fishermen.


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