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You love spearfishing ? Well, that's the place to be !

Yannick, also spearfishing addicted, can bring you to great local places. Inside or outside the lagoon, there are many places for all levels.

You will be delighted  by the underwater fauna wealth and all kinds of tropical fishies we can meet here.

Choose between traditional local Vezo pirogue or modern motor boat to go fishing. YOu already know motor boat, but discovering Vezo pirogue is to do once in a life... so you will live few hours at the rhythm of Vezo fishermen.

For beginners, we organize introduction courses to spearfishing. The lagoon is a quiet place, perfect for learning.

And for experienced hunters, we organize tours along the coast eather in 4x4 or ATV. You decide to go for an ETV / spearfishing tour : all the equipment follow you in the 4x4.

Unforgettable moments arte waiting for you...

We use the following spearfishing methods :

ASPETTO - Waiting ( Agachon in french ).

It is thus a technique of waiting whose effectiveness is conditioned by the quality of the apnea, which requires a good ventilation to remain longest under water. One will use this technique to hunt fish moving in full water (amberjacks and other pelagic), or fish swimming near the depth (seabass, seabreams and wrasses).



It is the most spontaneous technique for the novice spearfisherman. It consists in shooting, while adjusting quickly, the fish of meeting. It can be practised on the surface, while skirting the escarpments of the coast or those of the falls, while going down towards the depths between the head of posidonias or the stones, or during the rising by skiming the relief of sloping plans. 

This technique can be practised in a way voluntary, or unexpected, following an unfruitful waiting. This hunting requires fast reactions. You may surprise fish, and not the reverse. If you are nose against nose with a fish, it is the latter which will react most quickly: a blow of tail and it will be out of reach your speargun. It is thus necessary to anticipate, at any moment to be ready to shoot, by constantly pointing speargun towards the supposed place from where a fish can emerge, because it was very difficulty to adjust a fish which moves quickly.



Fishing with the glide consists in going down towards fish to shoot it while being let run, from where the name of this technique of fishing. Being about the glide, it starts as from the moment when the hunter reaches a negative buoyancy; the descent towards the depth can do without the assistance of the fins. The spearfisherman must then control its descent by spreading or by tightening the legs to manage its speed, by using the orientation of its body and its fins to manage its direction. Thus, if during the descent the hunter wishes to go towards the right, it has just only to make a rotation of its body in this direction to see its deviated trajectory. The fins are used then as a rudder. As for the waiting technique, discretion is a fundamental element in the good execution of a glide, therefore the duck should not be noisy, since the aim is to approach more close of fish without frightening it.

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